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Innovation does not only mean new technology. Innovation in education can be found in processes, programs, courses and systems. Innovation in education can be achieved with improved learning, solving the real life problems in a simple way and matching the scale of the problem our education is trying to solve.

Innovation is about ‘Bringing a positive and progressive change to bring a better outcome’.
And innovation applies to the modern education as well. Education should be innovated with improved syllabus, new formats of teaching, inclusion of various faces of learnings etc. It should align with the industry demands.

Today, there are many students in India with a simple question in their minds, what to do after 12th commerce? And they are eagerly looking for innovative education rather than mainstream ways.
We at Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce have always taken care of innovation when it comes to education in commerce. Our ways are parallel to the conventional methods of education in commerce but it has a touch of innovation and modern techniques.
We provide an education in commerce, which is interactive, innovative and with a holistic approach. Lets see some of the innovative ways of education at Nilaya ICATS.

We have been providing our students with special facilities like up to date computer laboratory, complete library with almost all the best books in commerce and extra-curricular knowledge and information, spacious room for meditation and yoga, special arrangements for students to teach them any of their favorite musical instrument all at our 40,000 sq.ft. of campus which is spread in 9 story building at Sadashiv Peth, Pune which is a prime location and easy to access.

Other than resources, we provide many Skill Development facilities, Interview Skill Development practices, Soft Skills Development and other small things like English improvement, the motivation for public speaking etc. our accounting courses in Pune are linked with these extra-curricular activities which make a student a complete knowledgeable person together with skills for the future in commerce field.

This is what we call an innovative career in commerce. We don’t just provide theoretical and practical knowledge in commerce to the students but we develop them from their core, which in turn prepares them for the future. We include all the new reforms of economic and commerce sector in our education, which gives students a deep and thorough knowledge about the new things happening in commerce field.

CA Nilay Mehta sir, the founder of Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce is always ready to motivate students for future challenges through his sacred and life lessons. He is the pillar of this institute and he is always ready to deliver more than excellence in commerce field.

To know more about the innovative education in commerce, please visit our website at or just call at +919730005000. One of our education consultants will provide you all the information about courses and guide you through our approach in commerce education.

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