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Rs. 1 Lakh Scholarship*

For Admission to India's Top Most BBA Smart BBA

Smart BBA, a graduation offering Practical and all-round Skills even higher than MBA


100% Practical Business Skills with BBA Degree from Pune University*

SMART BBA is The Most Advanced, Most Practical and Only Skills Oriented BBA in Overall India

At NIBE International, we emphasize on bringing forth the industry’s topmost BBA program with a strong focus on experiential learning. We adopt a hands-on approach to teaching, allowing our students to engage actively and understand business scenarios practically

*NIBE will give Practical Skills Certificates alongwith BBA Degree from Pune university affiliated College.


Successful Business

Start-up to Global Expansions

100% Job Guarantee


Family Business

Expansions and Digitalisation of Family Business

Strong base for Higher Studies

Best for CFA, IIMs, Global MBA / MS, etc

Smart BBA: A Graduation offering Practical & All-round Skills even higher than MBA

Get MBA level & higher level Knowledge, Skills, Technology in Just 3 years after 12th.

Smart BBA is an integrated education of practical & International business skills with BBA Degree from Pune University.

Smart BBA gives you higher skills and higher success in lesser years than a regular BBA and MBA combined.

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100% Job Guarantee with SMART BBA

SMart BBA Program- Transforming Business Education in India

What will you learn in the program?

Industry Required All-Round Syllabus

100% Practical Training

Modern Technology Training

Exposure To All Fields Of Life

Leadership & Soft skills

Health & Spiritual Well-Being

Offering Scholarship to every 12th meritorious student for Admission to Smart BBA


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