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Top finance companies you should look out for a job in accounts and finance.

The accounts and finance sectors are the fastest growing in the job market in India. Every year, the demand of finance professionals that can work smart and those who are equipped with practical knowledge together with IT empowerment tools and necessary software in this sector is way higher than the country is producing thus creating it a perfect sector for bright future.

Have you ever given a thought that the money which is being deposited in the bank or which is invested in stocks share or bonds where it goes or who manages it? Well, all these investments are smartly distributed in an exceedingly range of financial instruments so as to maintain a correct balance between debt and equity by the financial services section of the bank and stand alone financial companies.

Financial Services comprises of services provided by various financial organizations such as banks, insurance companies, credit authorities, share markets etc.

Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce is one of the finest institutes for training in the field of commerce in Pune. The main aim of the institute is to provide the best career-oriented coaching to the future brilliant minds so that they can build their promising career in accounts and finance. It is one of the very few institutes in the region that are completely based on the practical quality training.

The Holistic development approach of the Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce is the reason for its record-breaking success in a short span of time. The training system involves various aspects, which help the students in achieving the goal with perfection. Mind shaping, building the conceptual base, practical knowledge, advanced computer skills, management skills and soft skills like personality, communication, life leadership and team spirit are some of the important parts of the training programs.

Many opportunities in finance and accounts sectors are:

Under this job profile, the person has to manage the finances of all kinds of companies and organizations.

Financial planners:
These individuals help companies, families and individual investors in managing their finances and investments in portfolio of financial instruments based on the future planning.

Investment managers:
The main aim of this job profile is to manage the investments of companies, families or individuals via different modes.

The main aim of this job profile is to ensure that accountants are on the right track and protect the consumer rights.

Taxation and payroll:
Under this job profile, the main aim is to help people calculate their taxes, calculate the salary components of the employees in the organization and many other things associated with them.

Treasury professionals:
These individuals manage the finances of the company and regulate the financial strategies for better future.

At the moment, Nilaya ICATS is recruiting the best finance brains in more than 200 companies because these companies favour the training that we provide at our institute. These companies need the skills that can match with their standard procedure of work and we provide these skills at Nilaya ICATS.

Some of the other top finance companies include names like L&T Finance, Tata Finance Divisions, Birla Global Finance Limited, PNB Housing Finance Limited, Bajaj Capital Limited, LIC Finance Limited, Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), ICICI Group, DSP Merrill Lynch Limited, Wipro, TCS, Honeywell, SKP, Infosys, Tata Motors and many others. Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce helps the students in acquiring a good job profile in these companies with 100% placement guarantee on stamp paper.

Nilaya – The best place to fulfill your dreams

Nilaya ICATS helps students in achieving the goals with specially designed courses. These courses ensure that the students are not only well versed with the theoretical knowledge of the subjects but also know the implementations of the concepts in the practical world. The institute also helps the students in developing soft skills like team leadership, communication, personality development etc. When it comes to placement, Nilaya has one of the best records of accomplishment in the country. Visit our website or visit the institute to know more about the courses and facilities that we offer.