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Opportunities, Challenges & Success in Commerce

Modern education in business commerce covers varied fields of education and research in different aspects of the business environment, which includes accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, entrepreneurship development, business and commercial laws etc.

To avail the advantages of commerce field, various educational institutes educate students in the field of commerce with more knowledge and practical skills for a better career in commerce.

To meet the growing desires of the business society, there is a larger demand for the sound development of commerce education. The connection of commerce education has become more imperative, this implies a marked change in the approach commerce and management education is perceived in India.

Opportunities in commerce field

There are many job prospects for commerce students after graduation or even after completing some best courses after 12th commerce. They are equipped to serve in walks of the society when considering the roles played by finance and accounts in the day-to-day life of every person and organization. Successful business often depends on the skills and specialized staff who can manage to run the things effectively by analyzing problems and providing solutions.

The various areas of job possibilities for commerce students are:

1. Banking organizations
2. Financial Institutes
3. Financial outsourcing companies
4. Insurance organizations
5. Audit firms
6. Accountancy firms
7. Various Government organizations
8. Planning and budget divisions
9. Schools and colleges
10. Many other sectors like hospitals, hotels, and factories etc.

In short, students of commerce field have job roles in any sector where finance and commerce plays a part, which in today’s world covers everything. Salary will never be the issue provided that students choose a credible company or employer and deliver value with smart work. Learning in a firm and then becoming an entrepreneur is the best and also a most sought option nowadays.

Here are some challenges faced by commerce field in India

1. The craze for other domains like Science, Engineering, Medical, Management, and IT.
2. Designed syllabus in commerce for competitive exams
3. Lack of training about commerce at the school level
4. Poor teaching in many institutes
5. Inadequate reference material about commerce in regional languages
6. Lower teachers to students ratio
7. Lack of proper infrastructure
8. Commerce education in India is more content-oriented rather it should be skill and practice-based.

How can success be achieved in commerce field?

To achieve success in commerce, here are some suggestions that will help students in future:

1. Skill-based knowledge in commerce should be taken into account and practice-based training should be implemented wherever possible.
2. More focus on industry training and internships.
3. Computer-based skills are a must.
4. Adaptations and updates are important, stick with the latest knowledge to achieve more success.

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