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The innovative training system at Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce

Can you imagine somebody teaching you to swim or drive a vehicle, in four walls of a classroom? It is impossible! You have to jump into the water to find out how swimming or floating works and you have to be out on the road to learn driving.

Okay here are some examples we experience in our daily life, you all use ATMs to withdraw money, you use Online Transactions and Internet Banking to receive and send money online, as well as other methods of payment like UPI and Paytm etc, how did you learn to use such methods, only by using them practically right? This is the only method we can learn such things, there are no lessons taught or theory available for these things.

Same way, many subjects can be learnt through practice and experiments. Theoretical knowledge of skill-based subjects must be supported by practice. Subjects like Accounting and Finance must be learnt with a skill based practicals. Practical work includes experiments in laboratories, study tours, projects, assignments etc. the benefits of practical work are excellent. Getting theoretical information has no value until students will apply it into practice.

Similarly, at Nilaya we focus more on applied usage of your theoretical concepts in a practical way. Rather than just reading the textbook definitions, it is explained with real life situations & use-cases. Commerce is an interesting subject & it demands you to be brilliant in terms of understanding the fundamentals, as you handle the finances for companies. And while working in corporate environment, its not just the subject knowledge but your life-leadership skills your knowledge to handle technology if TALLY & SAP as well as Personality/Softskills to be a Manager are equally important. Hence at Nilaya we believe in this wholistic learning approach.

We at Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce think that following are the benefits of Practical Education:

  1. When we do something with our own hands, we remember it better.
  2. Practical study promotes experience-based learning
  3. Practical Study improves self-learning abilities
  4. Practice makes everyone perfect
  5. Practical Study makes everyone independent and confident.

In a practical sense, Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce provide an education to each of its students in which we follow some real life projects. We are not just a commerce education institute, we provide our students some additional skills that change their way of life and these skills help them achieve the best of their life goals. These skills include some main points like Mind Shaping, Strong Conceptual Base, Management Skills, Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Personality Development and Leadership Skills.
Nilaya ICATS has a 9 storied building with 40,000 sq.ft. of space which we utilize to deliver the excellence in Commerce.
But let’s see how these skills are developed at Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce.

    1. Mind Shaping: Mind Shaping is a tool that teaches how to behave in crowd or in a society, this skill cannot be taught using theory but only practical, we at Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce arrange many social events so that each student will be able to socialize and make themselves comfortable in crowd as well as make them ready for corporate world.


    1. Strong Conceptual Base: Even if the practical part is important than anything else, the theory is important too. We get basic concepts clear only through reading and understanding theory of anything, we at Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce always try to make our students able to clear their basic theory concepts clear before going to practice.


    1. Practical Skills: Our labs are well equipped with computers and latest accounting software so that all students can practice accounting on computers with initial help. Accounting is a subject which needs a lot more practice than theory because balance sheets cannot tally by only theory, right?


    1. Soft Skills: Soft skills such as Communication Skills, Language Improvement, Body Language are necessary to get a well-paid job in any reputed company, if you are well taught with these skills, there is no stop for your bright future.


We are proud to say that we are different from most of the commerce institutes as we believe in creating commerce professionals together with building life leaders.

Our Founder, CA. Nilay Mehta thinks that these skills can make any student successful by developing their career from the root level.

So, if you have interest in accounting and finance, and want to make a bright career in commerce and desire a lifestyle that gives a peace of mind, don’t wait anymore, hurry and contact Nilaya ICATS Institute of Commerce in Pune. Our staff will give you entire information about our innovative study programs and courses.