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How To Turn Small Talk Into Smart Conversation

Imagine you are at your conference or seminar and there are hundreds of people but you don’t know anyone, it is awkward to start conversation right in front of any random person, isn’t it? Well yes it is, but not that much, you will ask how I can start conversation with any random person. There might be such situations where you will be facing such awkward moments; well here are some great tips to start off a conversation in public. But first we will discuss why public speaking is important.

1. To Win The Hearts: Yes while you are publicly speaking, try to impress the people around you. Relevant topics and suggestions will impress people while you are talking, this will make them engage to you while talking and you will be known as a person for the day.

2. To Motivate People: Another reason why public speaking is important that sometimes you need to motivate people around you, a friend’s friend might need some suggestions regarding his career and his career matches your skills, you can always stand up as a guy/girl who speaks for friends in a group.

3. To Inform: Many a times, in colleges, students needs a leader who can manage to lead them in front of teachers and other staff members, you can always start off your public speaking through college platform. Many great leaders have started their public speaking through schools and colleges only.

Here are some great tips about how to turn your small talk into smart talk:

1. Make It Interesting:

While starting a good conversation, always try to avoid Yes/No type questions. Ask for people’s experiences once you get to know each other. Yes/No type questions will lead to a boring conversation.



2. Change The Topic:

Change the topic if both of you or all of you find that less interesting but change the topic in such a way that you might not find it irrelevant. Shift to the topic where you can talk with your skill set and experience.

change the topic


3. Tell A Story:

Tell a story to the group you are in rather than sharing regular experience, but before that, try to understand and avoid weather talks. People don’t find it interesting.

tell a story


4. Long Answers:

When people ask you any questions, try to avoid one line responses and also dont make it too long, this will help them to know more about you. Try to give answers in 4-5 sentences along with your own experiences and stories.

Long awearness


5. Ask Questions:

Ask relevant questions while you are talking, this will help you in getting more relevant knowledge rather than any trash talk.

Ask questions


6. Avoid Lies:

Whenever someone asks you what did you do last winter, or what did you do in your internship, always try to explain your things in an interesting manners rather than telling old or imaginary stories.



Hope this will help you as a student to improve your public speaking and smart conversation. These tips will surely help you to achieve confidence and improve your overall personality.